Question from KronoTrigger

Can I creat a new character and not lose all my stuff?

I have heard that there is a way to create a new character after completing the vault 101 quest and not lose all of your stuff. Is that true and how is it done.


Yoshimarue answered:

Er, no. You can keep your other save, but you can't get your equipment or anything over to your new guy. Nuh-uh.
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Yoshimarue answered:

Wait, actually, what you might have heard was right after you leave the vault, but are still inside the cave, you can save right before you go outside. That way, you can start from that save an make a new character without having to go through the entire tutorial in the vault. Besides that, I haven't heard anything.
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vude answered:

i have heard that Pinkerton can do facial reconstruction, and you can get a haircut. but if u mean starting from vault 101, then no, you cannot keep your items from your other save file.
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rego1100 answered:

Why wouldnt you just have another saved game, not over the same game, but just make a new game and not save over the game?
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SunOfAtom answered:

Unfortunately, it's not possible to create a new character and keep all of your stuff from a previous save. It'd be good, though.
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