Question from RasmusK31

Making you own weapons?

ok im a noob too fallout but here is my question
in the shop where you buy weapons and ammo in Megatron. you can make you own weapons out of parts you have collecte but when i go to the working brech a little message pop up and says:you havent learn that yet: what do i need to do is it some quest someone i need to ask Please HELP ME


Yoshimarue answered:

All you need to make a weapon are its schematics and the items required to build it. I'm not certain, but you may also require so many repair skill points. Anything else I think is a glitch.
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gomez0115 answered:

other than obtaining one or more of the schematics, and the necessary parts, a certain repair skill is needed to create weapons, Im not entirely sure what the levels are, but it is beneficial to level your repair quickly for the effectiveness and durability of the weapons you may recover out in the wastes.
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