Question from RamboneForever

Is there nyone I can sell to in Megaton?

Just want to know if I can sell some stuff in Megaton


menalaos1971 answered:

Moira Brown in the Crater Side Supply shop. Gob in Moriarty's Bar. The guy in the bar by the bomb. Moira has the most caps. Also, traveling merchant caravans stop at the outside of Megaton next to the main entrance.
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Ravage1996 answered:

Also Jenny Stahl (she's outside) selling food near the bomb and then the doctor (in a building) which is real close also.
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ladeereynolds answered:

The doctor in the clinic, Jenny Stahl or Leo Stahl they're the same in terms of money and inventory, Moira of course, Gob in Moiarty's Saloon, and sometimes there is a traveling merchant outside town
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