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Anyone know the quickest easiest way to get the Ranger Battle Armor?

I've read about it and assume you get it from Reilly's Rangers.... problem is I can't find em... anyone know where to find them or get this armor?

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Yoshimarue answered:

You can begin the quest by either talking to Reily in the clinic at Underworld (you have to convince the doctor to wake her up, or by finding the distress signal (i found it up near the archives building i think) and then going to save them, or going first to Reily then to save them. Anyway, after this, they will show you the way to the compound where you can get either he battle armor or the special minigun. You may also be able to break into the compound by hacking the terminal outside before ever doing the quest, but I don't know if that'd work or even if you'd find any armor inside. Hope i helped.
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HouseV answered:

go to the museum of history, near the washington monument. Go to the clinic at the back and click on reilly's body. the doctor will start talking to you, you can either speech challenge him to wake reilly up or if you've got a decent medicie skill, wake her up yourself after talking to the doctor. Talk to her, she'll give you the info for the quest.

Once you're through the hospital and you've found her rangers on the statesman hotel, you can either let one of them get killed by the super mutants in the lobby and loot the armour from their body, and/or report back to the ranger compound once they've left the hotel to get it from reilly.
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garaak answered:

The fastest way to get the armor (and lots of other stuff ) is to get to the top of the hotel then waste the rangers.
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GeaRHeaD6565 answered:

After you finish the reilys rangers quest i beilive some where theirs a dead ranger with the armor i think
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XboxHelper answered:

Firstly, you can get their distress signal near some building at the mall and get the quest, or, secondly you can go in the Underworld, enter the Chop Shop and talk to the doctor about Reilly. Either way, you get the quest, and either way, you must go to the Underworld. After doing this, complete the quest and in the end, you can choose either Eugene's Minigun (more damage then regular) or the Reilly's Rangers Armor (much of useful bonuses.)
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