Question from Josh9212

Lost Follower After Tranquility?

I had Charon following me before i went into Tranquility lane level, and when i came out and continued the story he was nowhere to be found.
At citadel i tried to recruit the palladin but she said she cant follow me cause someone already is. So i went back to underworld but he wasn't there. How do i find or fire him?

Accepted Answer

ic3XcoldXsnip3r answered:

This too happened to me, it's a strange glitch where after you leave the pod the follower disappears. I always make my follower wait just outside the vault before I do that quest. If it hasn't changed reload a save from before Tranquility Lane and make Charon wait outside the vault.
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narutothepsycho answered:

i got the same glitch. lamesauce.. now i cant even get a new follower T-T....
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