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Fallout 3 : Those! Quest?

Vera Wilks doesn't offer to take in her nephew when I talk to her. But when I go back to Grayditch the biy had disapeared, so I can't finish the mission! Is this a glitch? Is there anything I can do? Help!!

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Dazza1337 answered:

If you still have the quest in your pip-boy just make it your active quest, and you should get a marker showing where he is.
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DarkReaver6917 answered:

I think it's a bug
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suscipio answered:

Hey hey,

I had a chat with the kids at little lamp light and they agreed to take the poor lad in, but I have also heard that you can sell him to the slavers,

Hope this helps, peace out
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Fitzler answered:

Check all the buildings. If you cant find his body or anything try talking to slavers, or the little lamplight kids.
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DiscountCleric answered:

He might be hiding in the Pulowski Preservation a little ways away from his house. If he's not there, he's either dead or fleeing somewhere on the map.
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GAGohan answered:

Try checkin his house he goes there after u complete the fire ant quest!
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garaak answered:

Just a note, kids can't die, ever ( i tried to kill those bastards at the republic of dave). just check the preservation chamber, the kids house, and the "egghead"'s lab.
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straven333 answered:

When i went back to the boy to say that i found him a home with Vera i was a little worried at first but then i just made it an active quest ( forgot to in the first place) and found he was in his house.
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