Question from John123son

Whats the best option for tenpennies quest?

Which option do I get the best benifit on. Kill Roy, Tenpennies owner, or get them to live together?


Pacman76700 answered:

Well that depends on what you want to see. If you kill Roy and the rest of the Ghouls in the area, Tenpenny gives you Caps and such and its really not at all that cinimatic. I've done Both where you Kill Roy and Tenpenny himself. The more fun one is When you go with Roy who brings a bunch of Feral Ghouls with him and attacks the tower. You get a really useful Ghoul Mask where when worn Ghouls wont attack you if you dont get too close to them. Also you get to watch a rather amusing fight where you see all the Feral Ghouls slaughtering the innocent victims of the Tower.
The mutal agreement between them is the most boring one, no really useful benefits and eventually the Ghouls take over the tower because all the humans leave because they hate the Ghouls
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jjslider94 answered:

If youre not worried about karma, take philip's side and youll rakc up loads of XP by killing all the humans, then once all the humans are dead, you can kill all the feral ghouls for even more XP. Plus, you get the ghoul mask, which makes ferals not attack you unless provoked.
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leon41235 answered:

If you try to make the peaceful solution and let the ghouls stay with the humans, come back some time later, and there will be a bunch of bodys in the basement of tenpenny tower of the humans, killed by the ghouls(not my favorite ending to the quest). So personally I would say either wipe out the ghouls or humans, the ghouls being the better thing to do(but when your done doing the quest dont refrain from killing tenpenny, since you'll gain karma and all since hes behind the whole conspiracy behind blowing up megaton).
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leon41235 answered:

i will say though, the options to kill all the humans, and making peace between them both are funner, because storming the hotel killing all the humans I have to say is pretty epic, and it's also fun running around tenpenny tower trying to convince everyone to let the ghouls in.
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