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What does the DLC do for the 360 version?

I've been debating whether to get the ps3 or the 360 version. I know there's exclusive DLC for the 360 version, but is it worth it? Are the patches coming for the ps3? Aside from the elevated level cap, is there anything else?


SonicSpeed answered:

The 360 version will have three exclusive DLC. Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, and Broken Steel. Operation Anchorage provides some new weapons and armor, but the story only last two hours long, The Pitt I don't know much about, but Broken Steel will raise the level cap to 30. I don't know much about the PS3 version, but getting it for the 360 seems like a better choice if you like DLC.
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drocanon answered:

The DLC is 360 and PC exclusive so if the expanded content is going to come out on the PS3 at all it is going to be a long while after it is released on the 360. My guess is exclusive means never going to see on the 360. In fact lead designer Jeff Gardiner stated it will not be available on PS3 do to an agreement with Microsoft. The DLC adds to the game greatly, grab it on the 360.
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Grandstream answered:

360 and PC versions have access to exclusive downloadable content. Operation Anchorage, the Pitt, and Broken Steel. There's rumors of a 4th expansion in the works called Point Look...but otherwise, those first 3 are definite. Anchorage and the Pitt do give you new areas and exclusive content, but Broken Steel is gonna allow the game to cycle indefinitely (as in no more ending after Take It Back!). And while each expansion costs 10 bucks apiece, they do give you a whole slew of new achievements to obtain.
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IAppleJuiceI answered:

go for the 360, the DLC is $10 a piece, however in October (09) the Falout 3 game of the year edition is coming out, while having the original game, it will also include all 5 DLC's, meaning Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Look(out), and Mothership Zeta. all for the great bargain of $60.00
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itwizz answered:

The PS3 versions of the DLC should be out very soon and the GOTY editions for all platforms are out in October.
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