Question from keithmerkle

So the game keeps...?

Stops loading on the way out of the underworld and the tenpenny tower when i walk in to

keithmerkle provided additional details:

Ya i have try that and ya i have load a save to but it still happens happens when i make new chrs to i have play with my hardrive in two other xboxs and with 2 other copys of the game still happens i think it may be broken lol.


Darkman2K5 answered:

Try installing the game on your 360's hard drive. If that doesnt work, youll probably have to reload an earlier save and continue from there.
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jwalker05 answered:

I've been having the same problem but at a different point in the game, I've also tried earlier saves and have tried multiple copies of the game and used different consoles, if you do find some way around this problem let me know.
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