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What level should I be at before going to Vault 87?

During the story mode I'm up to the part where you need to enter Vault 87. I know that this is pretty close to the endgame so what level do you suggest I be at when I enter?

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MoonPhoenix answered:

well first of all for vault 87 you DONT need a lot of RADX or RADAWAY.. its for lazy ppl who dont ask/listen to scribe rothchild.. THERE is an alternative entrance for vault #87 which is through a settlement named Little Lamplight.. Which may require you to have Child At Heart Perk or complete the REscue from Paradise quests.. Anyway.. There isnt a set limit for a character lvl.. You can EVEN go there with 5 lvl because all kinds of enemies spawn ACCORDING to your level.. So Super Mutant Masters WONT spawn if you are a low level.. So be calm..
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kinggimpo answered:

This really depends on the build you have. As a generality, you can do it around lvl 10, give or take 2 levels. Any earlier and you might not have enough of the special perks that make your build what it needs to be to be effective. If you still feel uncomfortable about it all, then just wait a little more.
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ChaosRuler21 answered:

You should be at a level where your comfortabele to kill around 20 super mute brutes and masters without dying. and have ok science about 50.
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G4RR3N answered:

You should be in between level 8 and 12 and make sure that you have good weapons and lots of ammo. Make sure you're sneak is good and make sure you have the Mysterious Stranger perk it helps alot when Fighting Super Mutant Brutes and Super Mutant Masters
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Doomed999 answered:

You can't get there by levels you have to get your rad resistiens high in order to get though so tack alot of radx.......... level mit haves somthing to do for your health then you want high enderisn and you need to be in you level 20 or higher.
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