Question from REfanboy399

Asked: 6 years ago

The Pitt???

me and my friends were palying fallout 3 and we found a weird walking shadow in the wasteland, so we shot it and for some odd reason it said "You have unlocked The Pitt". so here is my question, has anyone else found this "Walking Shadow"?

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From: Phantomblade06 6 years ago

Glitch or someone is waffling for attention ha ha

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Hmmm weird,where did you find this shadow in what part of the wasteland if you remember,did you downloaded something?

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No I haven't seen it, i think you might have discovered a glitch or something. I mean there is an expansion pack called The Pitt that is coming out later this month or early April.

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All I know about the pitt is that it is the 2nd of 3 planned downloadable content. The Pitt brings new weapons, new armour, new perks and a brand you map... I believe it's in Pittsburgh that is a raider run city now. it should be released this month for Xbox and PC. Sadly the PlayStation 3 isn't getting it, at least not now.

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Yea The Pitt is DLC and takes place in Pittsburgh.........apparently you act as a slave because the raidor boss there has a cure for mutation..........but never heard of this shadow thing???glitche

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That's such bullcrap give us an image and i might believe you 1% more

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