Question from empire99006

Another House?

I've already posted a question about how my game freezes everytime i use the elevator in tenpenny tower so that suite is gone and i blew up magaton so there goes another there any other home i can live in?


ChaosRuler21 answered:

Nope only those two.
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jjslider94 answered:

Nope, sorry.
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Judelant answered:

While you can't get another house there are places you can use as houses. Two are the Sniper Shack and Vault 101 if you kill everyone inside. They have beds to sleep in and your items wont disapper if u place them inside boxes and crates. I've heard of more but those are the ones I know for sure.
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siugi answered:

Check the fallout wiki it has an article all about different houses.
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