Question from solidfreak124

Asked: 5 years ago

Where is medic power armor?

I went in the sewers of old olney fought the Deathclaws but still no corpse of a Brotherhood of steel initiate wearing the medic power armor so i didn't pick it up and forgot i don't see any where am i missing something what do i do?

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Some times it does not show up sadly i did not get it on my 1st chr did on my 2nd.sry

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if you go into the sewers and don't loot the corpse, it can disappear and take the armour with it. Never had it glitch on me, personally.

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I went to old olney into the sewers there but beware there are lots of deathclaw

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Did you go all the way back? You have to keep walking past the ladder to get out of the sewers into Old Olney and a little ways there will be the brotherhood of steels corpse and he will have the medical armor and a a note on how to use it pick both of those up if you keep going you will reach a dead end but on a box there is a skill book i forgot witch one though.

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