Question from heavensdemon6

Anyone know when the new DLC is being released?

I'm still waiting for the new DLC, anyone have a date when you can purchase it?


Shadowninja13 answered:

The Pit: March 2?. It was annoucned that it will be released near the same date that Operation Anchorage was. So it will probably come out on the 27th.
Broken Steel: April 2?. I am unsure of whether it will be released within the 20ths. I assume it would, because its logical to release each a month (or 2) after the last. I think it might be delayed a month.
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treygw answered:

The Pitt: for SURE, march 24
Broken Steel: April, no specific day chosen (or as far as we know)
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jjslider94 answered:

its been announced by bethesda that The Pitt DLC will for sure come out on March 24.

For more information on the fallout 3 DLC, look here:
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IdenshiJack answered:

The Broken Steel dlc is to be released May 5
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itwizz answered:

Point Lookout is already out and Mothership Zeta is out on August 3rd.
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