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Where can I find fusion pulse charge?

I need the fusion pulse charge to blow up megaton but i dont know where to find it.

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jjslider94 answered:

The man named Mister Burke in moriarty's saloon sitting in the corner will offer you a reward for blowing up the megaton bomb instead of de-fusing it for the sheriff. Agree to help him and he gives you the fusion pulse charge. Simply attach it to the megaton bomb, go to tenpenny tower, talk to tenpenny, hit the detonator, and enjoy the view as you watch the innocent town of Megaton get blown to pieces. (:

hope this helps man.
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Game_Master713 answered:

You get it from Mister Burke, hes in moriarty's saloon and hes wearing a hat and he has sunglasses.
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PerpetualGamer2 answered:

When you enter Megaton and travel to Moriarty's Saloon, talk to the man in the white suit on your right. Keep agreeing to the first speech option and agree to rig Megaton's Bomb and you will recieve the Fusion Pulse Charge
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Pearson1177 answered:

Can you find any in the wasteland?
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