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Ive herd of a Giant mole rat?

Is there really a Giant mole rat somewhere? i herd it was by raven rock!

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rpgfan121 answered:

Ok, as far as Fallout 1 &2 go. Yes, there are some in those. In fact, the enemies that are called 'Mole Rat' are pretty big. The smaller ones being just plan 'rats' and 'pig rats'. The third of which most closely resembles the 'Mole Rats' of Fallout 3, however move much slower.

Then the hairless variety that are as big as the 'Mole Rats' in Fallout 1 & 2, those are the big nasty ones. I can't remember if they are called Rat King, or Rat God, but something like one of those two.

Now, as far as Fallout 3 goes, no there is no such record of such being in Fallout 3, despite Bethesda's love of putting in quirky large or strange creatures that resemble enemies in the game. Such as the giant Mud Crab, invisible mud crab, and giant slaughterfish in Oblivion. Then Creeper, and the 'Drunken Mudcrab Merchan' in Morrowind.
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wayneweezy123 answered:

No but tere is a mutaded black bear
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dinokiller14 answered:

Lawl that rumour is false, there is only a deathclaw locked up inside raven rock.
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Auron66 answered:

There isn't a giant mole rat in the game, nor is it in any other Fallout. The rumour is thus a false rumour. Raven Rock has one Death Claw and a lot of Enclave soldiers.
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jjslider94 answered:

Mole rats only appear in Kim Possible DS.

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WovenHand answered:

It could be a possibility since Bethesda put a giant slaughterfish in Oblivion.
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Bahamut_42 answered:

Um, actually, Fallout 2 has giant molerats I believe. I could be wrong, but I personally haven't seen any in F3 yet, nor have I heard of one until now...
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RyuRaikou answered:

Yeah, there are giant mole rats in other Fallout games. Fallout 1 and 2 both have one. The one in Fallout 1 is called a Mole God and is near Necropolis I think. The giant ones in Fallout 2 are just enemies, so far as I've seen (haven't beaten it yet).
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jackwinz1 answered:

There is no Giant Mole Rat though it could of been confused for a Yao Gui (I think thats how its spelt). I saw a live brodcast of one of 4PlayerPodcaster's playing it and confused the Yao Gui for a big Mole Rat, so its an easy mistake to make.
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