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Follower's health won't regenerate?

I have Charon as a follower, and his health won't regenerate! I've given him stimpacks, taken his armour, but it still won't regenerate.


TheHappySquid answered:

I'm not sure about stimpacks, but Charon can recover through radiation, I know that much at least, so make him walk on some barrels, or go to Greener Pastures disposal site or something.
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lostandcold answered:

The same thing happened to me, but it was with fawkes, dogmeat and charon, none of them would regenerate, i did the same as you, i took his armor off, gave him stimpacs and nothing changed, i read this then left him standing in +7 rads/sec for about 90 secs and no regen.
But when this happened i was doing the stupid vampire people mission, from the entrance where the suger bombs guy is, all the way through any connecting tunnels none of them would regen, the sec i step outside to the surface again they all have full health :/

Try leaving the area entirley, thats what fixed it for me, if that does not work, try resting in a bed or going to a doctor or your infirmary.
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Tommywx answered:

Super mutants dont get healed by radiaton their healed by it ghouls are healed by it i do not get it
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Tommywx answered:

Soz super mutnats are immue
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