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How to get to Lincoln Memorial?

Hey guys,

What's the best way of getting to Lincoln Memorial?

I've tried Irriated metro and now i'm trying Georgetown North, can someone please help me? I'm doing the head of state so if you have a good way of getting there or Museum of History, please tell me!


S7ven7 provided additional details:

The wiki doesn't tell me how to get to the location though

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jason9832 answered:

It's in the Mall plaza you can walk (with out subways) from the underworld, Washington monument, museum of tech, or capital building.
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Game_Master713 answered: this will give you the full guide for the quest and anything else you may need help with in Fallout 3.
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1KingOfGames answered:

Go towards the Capital State Building...and it should be somewhere near by...look to the east or west..near it
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RavenX08 answered:

I acutally went to and asked at the Underground were it was. So marked it and headed to the nearest metro tunnel and used the local map,it commes in real handy in the game.
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RavenX08 answered:

Marking were you wanna go and the local map are your friend,mmhmm.
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itwizz answered:

See here:
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gokubibb answered:

Go to the outside of rivet city.Then look right.There it is!
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gokubibb answered:

Oh no never mind im thinking of something else.sorry lol
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BoogiexManex420 answered:

First of all start of at the entrance of the washington monumentwhere the doors open ia computer go right as ur facing the entrance and the go around it and it should be visible the walk 2 it hope this helped.
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Joshuu1 answered:

Trust me, the easiest thing to do is buy a game guide. Without it I couldn't have even made it through any missions past this.
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mistychan answered:

Go to Rivet City. walk a little north till you find a metro (Anacostia Crossing). keep going north inside this metro (there are only a few raiders roaming around) till you find a door to the connecting metro (Museum Station). go a little north till you run into some raiders (one is patrolling the top of a train) after you've dealt with this fools go up the stairs and east to find a door to The Mall. Careful though as more then likely you'll be greeted by some supers so i suggest you use a stealthboy before you exit to the mall. you'll come out near the entrance to the museum of history. then just head west and you're at the Lincoln Memorial. I find this to be the easiest way to get there sense you only have to deal with a few Raiders in the tunnels, AND the tunnels are both very short compared to most tunnels. Neeways~ i hope this helps you.
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jmarotti answered:

In the mall, there are 3 buildings in a row. The Capital Building, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.

I'm assuming you can find the washington memorial. If you look down one side of the mall and see the capitol building, then go to the OTHER side of the washington monument. You'll see the reflection pool (a long, rectangular, shallow pool) and at the other end, the Lincoln Memorial.
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Happy_Shrapnel answered:

Look it up on youtube. That's how i found out how to get there.
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blfkakarot911 answered:

Its simple if u know the layout of wasington DC as it appears today. If u have made it to the mall then u should start from the wasington monument at the opposite end of the capital building (across the super mutant infested strip).

All u have to do then is go from the wasington monument straight through the river directly straight towards the lincoln memorial. If u don't know how to get to the mall then it would be better to go through from GNR mission and that will guide u towards the mall using underground train stations (Just follow the white indicator on your locale map)

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