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Unlisted Sub-missions???

In Fallout 3 there are two main type of quests that are commonly known, such as the story quest and side quests like the Nuka-Cola challenge or the Agathas Song quest... But there is another sort that I am looking for, they are notes added to your
Pip-Boy 3000, like helping Bannon with his council seet (need help) or getting ant nectar for that lady that loves Diego. Can you guys help me??? Please only two per person and please tell me how to complete the "missions"


xvMilyCirus answered:

Yes there are (quests) like that but they are really consider quests mostly they are just ways of getting cool items like with the family i think its like 5 tapes all together get you the experimental mirv, Gradys tape for girdershade gets you a key you might or might not be able to give to the guy in girdershade and little note if you are done with girdershade kill the guy there to get a good sawn off shotgun called the knee capper.
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Game_Master713 answered:

You can get the ant necture from the chemical shop in rivet city, buy it and give it too her. Not sure how to get that guy on city council though. Sorry. =/
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statesofeuphria answered:

break into Seagrave Holmes's room and there is a tape there linking him with slavers. Give that to Bannon.
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itwizz answered:

See here:
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