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Problem with the lawbringer perk?

Ok I have the law bringer perk but everytime I return back to the shack, I can't find the girl I need to give the fingers to for money. no joking I have over 300 fingers and the best a shop will give me is $.70 on the dollar thats crap any help? and yes of course I have tried reloading the game.


ragegamer2 answered:

She has possible run away. This usually happens if you were still engaged in combat when you entered the shack for the first time.

Check the boards or the Fallout 3 wiki for possible solutions to this scenario.
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Nomanisat answered:

It's also possible she was killed by the giant radscorpions that always spawn there. Try updating to version 1.1
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acidvoldo answered:

She can't be killed, just knocked unconscious---try looking out towards the hills in front of her shack,sometimes she runs quite far.
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AnatomyOfWar answered:

This happened to me also, in my game she wanders around the shack , usually toward the east of the shack, around the ruined highway. If not there, then just search in a radius around the shack.
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