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Where can I find Hamilton's Hideaway?

I have the key for completing the quest, but I do not know where to use it.

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oldskool12rb answered:

I understand the question. Hamilton's Hideaway, the area is easy to find. You want to find the gate to go inside the Hideaway. It's inside of one of the nearby rocks. Just quick travel to it, and it'll warp you right to the gate.
Inside, the stash is in the sewer, but NOT in one of the doors. Walk to a tunnel that seems to be blocked off with debris, and look left. There's a huge hole in the wall, which houses a cell door. You have the key. Open it.
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Pappy1193 answered:

Look on your map for it. It should be somewhere near Big Town to the northeast, if i remember correctly.
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Nomanisat answered:

I'm not familiar with any quest involving Hamilton's Hideaway, unless you mean when Three Dog gives you it's key as a reward for fixing his transmitter, but it's located directly east of Arefu
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HunterJony answered:

You dont any key to enter there, talk to the guard on arefu after enter the house with the dead people, and he will give you the locations of 5 places, one of them is hamiltons hideway, but you dont need a key....
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loskilla answered:

you need a key to get to the stash, which is pretty deep in the place. Anyway 3 dog should put the location on your map, east of Arefu. its kinda hard to find on the overworld, though. the door is kind of behind a rock on a hill. look for a skeleton that marks where the door is.
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codeman3296 answered:

Halfway from Bigtown to Arefu, north side of river, big pile of rocks w/cave.
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dead2metoo answered:

If you want the marker added you can also do the Arefu quest and ask King where you might find the gang. He adds a few markers, including hamiltons hideaway
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guitargamer18 answered:

Its near the moonbeam(or moonbean)outdoor cenima.
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thomas3010 answered:

Hamiltons hidaway is simply southeast of arfu that is all i got for you
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