Question from trogdor147

Black screen?

Sometimes, during the game while loading, (usually fast traveling) insted of the game going on, it just black screens, and I am forced to turn off the console and turn it back on. Is this a problem with the disk, or is this normal? Is my 360 overheating?

trogdor147 provided additional details:

Not really, it's in good condition.

gray_fox_11 asked for clarification:

This is more towards garaak,but are you serious about that,one night my game just stayed at the loading screeen,(it wasin't just black,it had the little timer running so it didn't overheat) know i'm afraid to play mine for the sake of my three-hundred-dollar baby(my 360).

gray_fox_11 asked for clarification:

Is were it's sitting dusty?,I think thats why mine messed up(and were it is sitting is off hte ground well exposed).


Mythos1092 answered:

Sounds like your disc is messed up. Buy a new disc, or if you have the hard drive space go rent a disc, install it, and then use your old disc to just activate it from the hard drive. Is your disc scratched up?
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Nomanisat answered:

This happened to me whenever I tried to fast travel to the Ranger Compound. I just travelled somewhere close and walked, seems to have solved the problem.
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gaintman13 answered:

Same here this does it occasioally and the game is in perfect condition.
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garaak answered:

Your console probably is overheating. keep your 360 exposed (not on shelves or in cabinets) or if you keep it lying down, prop it off the floor. Fallout 3 has actualy melted a portion of components in my 360 beyond repair.
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