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Where can I find lawnmower blade?

I want to make the shishkebab and all im missing is a lawnmower blade. any1 able to provide drections?

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Rezkeh answered:

I seem to remember finding my Lawnmower Blade in Minefiled also, so as Hapling said check out the sides of buildings for lawnmowers which you can open.
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Hapling answered:

Lawnmower blades are found all throughout the game but if i do recall you can find some at minefield, a city you will be givin directions to if you complete the wasteland survival guide quest. there are quite a few lawnmowers outside the houses that you can open and they should be in them, at least for me they were.
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Megaton09 answered:

There is also a lawnmower blade in the Arlington Cemetary house in the basement, just as you enter the room on the right.
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itwizz answered:

There's one in the Ranger Compound though if look hard enough you'll find one sooner or later.
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