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Does the Auto Expert Perk count for all Auto Axe related weapons?

Just curious because I got the Man Opener and have been using my Auto Axes to repair it. But if it only counts for the Auto Axe then I guess Ive been repairing the wrong weapon. I assume the answer is YES but Im just seeing how many people would agree.

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Shockwave8080 answered:

Auto Axpert is a perk added to Fallout 3 in the The Pitt DLC.

"You've become an expert with the Auto Axe. You do +25% damage whenever you use it. Vroom."

It will boost your damage by 25% when using the Auto Axe, Steel Saw, The Mauler, or Man Opener.

[ taken directly from the Fallout Wiki ]
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Sera_Czernobog answered:

Well the answer is............... yes.
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

I'm not sure if the above statement is correct or if my game is glitched because my Man Opener wasn't affected when I got the perk.
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HydronFlare answered:

the perk effects the Steel Saw, The Auto-Axe, The Man-Opener, and The Mauler
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