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Better bargains???

Who/where is the best place to buy or sell goods? I usually sell my things to Moira Brown but I don't get the best deal. Is there anyone else that will give me more bottlecaps?

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The best place to sell good that I've come across is Rivet City, more because there is a well balanced stock of everything there and enough merchants that you don't have to worry about them having enough caps.
(Spoiler Answer) If you let the ghouls take over TenPenny Tower they do give you deals on things in the shops.
Other than that it's really more about the level you are and how well your barter and speech skills are, always remember to wear equip that boosts those stats as well. Those are the ways you get the best bargains really.

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I was nice to Gob, and he usually buys things from me at more caps than other people. However, the higher my Barter has gone the more other people now pay me as well. I think it's more conditioned on your Barter skill and such, b/c now I just sell to the Canterbury Merchants and they pay me the same as Gob.

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I prefer to sell my things at rivet city. They usually have nice stuff there. It also helps to have really high bartering skill.

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Everyone will pay you the same price for your stuff and the price you get dpends on you rbarter skill and wheather or not you have master trader perk

There is a few exceptions to this:

If you have a discount with a store such as the slavers in paradise falls you will get better prices
If you hack the terminal next to the robot in tenpenny tower and set it to "VIP discount" you will get better prices but the robot doesnt have many caps
If you let the ghouls into tenpenny tower they give you a discount on their stuff

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Go to Canterburt & take the merchants quest..And raise barter skill...Also don't repair items you plan to sell..

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