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Asked: 5 years ago

My pitt is glitchy, is this happening to anyone else?

When i downloaded the pitt, and got to the steelyard it was really glitchy, i need to know this for if i need a newer xbox. Plz help.

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Did you download the pitt the day it was released?

If you did you may need to download it again because Bathesda had to take it off the marketplace for a couple of days to fix several bugs. I highly doubt it has anything to do with the age of your xbox.

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If you are talking about one of your feet mising in the pip boy it was like that for me the second i got it as a kid i dont know why but my friend got the same thing and his leg was permanently crippled. But if you are not talking about a missing foot i have no idea sorry.

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Yeah its a little glitchy for me too. Mostly when i just move around its a little freezy sometimes, maybe its just not running smoothly off the hard drive.

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For me when you start to go up above were whats his face is (were u take the cure) i fall through the floor as soon as i get of the stair to go up to the highest point

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i have current issue when im in the steel mill. Its where you get up to the main furnace right after i pass under 3 pipes then straight ahead is a small wooden ramp. there is an area between the 3 pipes and the ramp that looks ok but when i walk forward i fall through the roof and die.

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