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Asked: 5 years ago

Need Ted Strayer's key but he's somehow already dead?

While I was in the Pitt, I got a note on my screen saying Ted Strayer had been killed. I had nothing to do with it, so I don't know what happened. Now that I'm doing the "Ya Gotta Shoot 'em in the Head" quest and looking for Strayer's key (the game gave me the option to find his key even when it acknowledged he was dead), the arrow is leading me to Rivet City, but when I get into the stairwell, the arrow leads me straight back out the door to the Tower Bridge. I've been running in circles. I don't know if Strayer's body is somewhere around, since I didn't kill him. Will I be able to finish the quest? Is it possible his body is still somewhere on Rivet City?

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Sounds like a glitch... I would try to reload a previous save if you have one.

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Samething happened to me... were out of luck....nothing we can do about it... well just have to download Operation Anchorage to the winterized T-51b

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You have to find the common room and if he isnt there i just waited for 24 hours..but since he is needed for a quest i dont think he died just look for the common room in rivet city

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If you have this quest as the active quest, then you should be able to see those big objective arrows showing where he currently is. If the arrow is absent make sure its your active quest, and then take a look at the objectives for the quest. It should say retrieve the key from Ted Strayer or something like that. If its still open for completion but you do not have the arrow then yes your have had a glitch and I would try to reload from a previous save, preferably from before the quest started.

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It doesn't mean it's a glitch, the quest arrows can be faulty that way. Try checking the entire stairwell, the Muddy Rudder bar, the security guard tower and (especially) the flight deck. That may be why it keeps pointing you back outside. It might take a while, but if you keep your eyes open you should find him or his body eventually.

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This happened to me on my first playthrough. For some reason he walks along the flight deck and occasionally super mutant.s spawn there. I guess his mercenary days didn't count for much against muties! Try looking closely around the door for left over body parts as he may have been blown up. Failing that just kill Mr Crowley and the quest will end, you wont get the acchievement but your gonna play through it again - everybody does!

How can a game with so many bugs still be so totaly awesome?

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