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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get into Haven?

In DLC the Pitt..

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thanks for the help but, I know where it is, just can't get in..don't have the key. I guess my question should have been, how do I get the key?

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Lol! its a long story. Get into the pitt. Meet midea. Get the steel ingots from the steelyard to make you seem like a normal slave. After bringing back the steel ingots from the steelyard and handing them in for some sweet stash. Go and talk to midea and follow her after into the courtyard where Ashur is looking for a volunteer to fight in the hole. You sign up, go to the hole (the entrance is inside the mill). Fight 3 battles and win them all and you can get to go uptown as a reward and meet Ashur in haven (his place).

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You can't find it or you can't get back in, what is it? For some reason you can't get back in Haven because you need a key. (Not even Ashur's key) To get there go to Uptown, and try looking at your map marker to get a fell for where it is, walk the catwalks and you will see a huge scupture of metal with ruptured gas lines on either sides that towering biulding in front of you is haven."

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