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Asked: 5 years ago

Can i get more perks after 20?

I have a ton of buffs i missed

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From: uglyman33 5 years ago

Not until the DLC Broken Steel is released, thats when the Level cap is raised to 30.
But until then, no, unfortunatley.

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Sorry, but no. After Level 20, you gain no experience, so you can't level up, so you can't get any more perks from then on. When Broken Steel comes out, there will be 10 more levels you can gain, so then you can get more perks.

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You can't get more level perks but there are quests you can do that often have perks as part of the reward.

A few examples are Those, Oasis, and the Replicated Man. However you often have to complete these quest a certain way to receive the perks.

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