Question from Madwithstaples

Tenpenny Issue?

I seem to be stuck on the main Tenpenny quest.

I chose to have the ghouls take over the tower. But, after the whole scene nothing really happened. I didn't get any xp or items. Also, my quest log still says to help the ghouls into the tower. I tried talking to all three ghouls, but nothing happens.

Is there something I haven't done yet?
Or was this just a glitch that happened?

doomofsteel asked for clarification:

The above poster is correct, that is how you correctly let the ghouls into the tower. "After the whole scene" doesn't really make sense what does that mean? Does that mean you already went to that generator room? If you did then all you have to do is walk to the front of Tenpenny Tower and Roy will meet you out front.

Madwithstaples provided additional details:

Yeah, I already let the ghouls in the tower. They killed everybody and destroyed the place.
Talked to Roy, received the mask (I think, I have no idea where it went if I did). After a while they fixed the place up, then........nothing.

Now all that's in the tower is the three ghouls. Never got the completion for the quest. It still tells me to "help ghouls into tower" in the quest log.

I've been looking up on bugs on the game and Tenpenny seems to have lots of them. So I'm guessing I'm out of luck.

doomofsteel asked for clarification:

You couldn't have gone into Tenpenny Tower and seen all carnage without having the ghoul mask on or all the ghouls would have attacked you. So you had to have had the ghoul mask at one point. Roy stops you right out front and you have dialog with him before he lets you go up into the tower. Also If you didn't go up into the top floors of the tower you might have not triggered the end of the quest correctly?
I would guess you are going to either try again or continue on without your ghoul mask, this question really isn't going to matter anymore but I'd atleast try and see if you triggered the rest of the takeover did you make sure you got Tenpenny's Suit and Key as well?


Nomanisat answered:

Did you go outside to the generator?

If not, go out and walk around the base of the building until you see a door leading down to the basement, should be called "Metro Access" or "Generator Room", something like that. Go inside and you should see Roy and a bunch of Feral Ghouls through a window. Look around for a control panel to open the basement door.
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Mouser05 answered:

You have to kill all the fear ghouls after everyone is dead.. It's a little tricky though
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DCWaster answered:

Contradicting what the other two said, you can let them in by convincing several of the tennpenny residents to leave and then Tennpenny lets the ghouls in.
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KingFrodo12 answered:

It sounds like Roy died during the invasion... if so you can't complete the mission... go to your last save and protect him
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