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The outcasts wont show up ?

I know there does not belong aquestion mark, but the side wants it.
so here's my problem:
I have been to fort idipendence and there was the raider attack as allways. afterwards i dint ask the one outcast who he/she/they is/are. he/she walked inside and never showed up again. i do meet several patrols of them in the wasteland but every time i get to fort indipendence noone is there.
thanks for the help
(ps. i dont own op. anc. couse i think its just a waste of money)

sc2_Nightmare provided additional details:

He/she is the one outcast standing outside when you first get to fort indipendence, warns you that raiders are attacking and after the fight talks to you.

sc2_Nightmare provided additional details:

Don't you understand me? no one is outside fort idependence


Mr_Popadopolis answered:

.... I am speechless....the number of errors is truly astonishing, even for the internet.

Be more specific in who he/she is.
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Nomanisat answered:

As long as the guy named Casiden or something like that is still standing near the door, it doesn't matter.
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