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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get MacCready to OK trading strange meat for cave fungus?

I'm trying to get rid of my strange meat without selling it. Everytime I go to McR. he only gives me the option of threatening to seal the caverns, which gets me nowhere with this. Is it a problem with karma by any chance?

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To XxM1GxX: I tried to do that, but theres only the option to do the speech check or the regular option, which he responds somewhere along the lines of "I don't trust you". I've also tried the same thing with Lucy and those two options are still the only ones up. Are there supposed to be more options than that?

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Find the kid that sells the cave fungus in the fungus pools. He's the cook. Talk to him about selling him/trading strange meat for cave fungus. He will then tell you to ok it with MacCready which should then give you the option to ask MacCready to trade with the Cook. Both the cook and the doctor will then trade with you .The doctor trades your Buffout for Cave Fungus. And the Cook trades Strange Meat for Cave Fungus.

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Well, if you're still looking up on an answer, maybe your speech isn't high enough to allow other options to show up...I know i had the Child at Heart perk before i went into Little Lamplight and it was a piece of cake.

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You need to have the Child at Heart perk to trade with him.

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