Question from hjpro153

Republic of Dave: glitch with Rosie?


I am currently having a problem with the republic of Dave, I've told Rosie to vote but she only just stands by the box, and she won't vote.Everyone else has though....

What do I do? Thanks in advance.

hjpro153 provided additional details:

yes I have talked to her and said she'd better vote and she still says "oh yeah I'll go do it now" vut just stands there infront of the ballot box, and dousn't even move. I also talk to dave but he still says he's waiting for all the votes.

Accepted Answer

TheGrimDoogle answered:

It's a glitch. This happened to me the first time I went thru the game and I never found a way to get around it. If you have a previous save load that and try again. If you don't have a recent save I wouldn't bother because your only missing out on something like 25 caps.
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Mythos1092 answered:

Hmmm... are you sure she didn't actually vote? Did you try talking to Dave and seeing if it counted her?
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diablo5843 answered:

It's better to let bob or rosie win the election instead so they give you the safe combination and you get Ol' painless.
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