Question from mmiker2d2

What happened to the girl in Craterside Supply?

The girl in the megaton um Craterside Supply is gone i didnt even kill her and so is the mercenary what happened? Even if i did kill her the body is not there help


snoman9999 answered:

Sounds like a glitch. Either you have to restart your game, revert to a previous save, or you're pretty much boned on that save file. It happens sometimes and if you can't fix it you better not be attached to the save file. Similar glitches sometimes make the quest where you go the Lincoln Memorial have characters disappear and such. Also, it's happened before that a disappearing character reappears after a long period of gameplay, so you don't necessarily have to give up if it isn't progress-critical.
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compaqboy answered:

If you blew up meagton and didnt kill before you blew meagton she should be in rivet city if you didnt maybe its a glicth.
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ThatTwinTom answered:

If you blow up megaton moria (the girl in crateside supply) becomes a ghoul and goes to the underworld BUT she doesnt always make it and may have died on the way. If you didnt blow up megaton then it is a glitch because you dont get raiders that randomly come into towns and kill people
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