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How do i get Broken Steel DLC to load?

I bought the broken steel DLC for the xbox 360
And, i did the project purity mission and then it rolls to the credits

Then i skip the credits and it goes to the main menue,
And when i load my most recent save it puts me right in the main chamber of project purity!

Where is the continuation? Do i not-skip the credits?

itwizz asked for clarification:

Do you have the patch installed?

Did you download BS On the same console, hard drive and gamertag? If not then you need to perform the license transfer on the Xbox website.

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Kevin_Gerkin answered:

I skipped the credits as well, then tried activated project purity a second time, this time much faster (forgot the code) and the credits didn't roll. I got the "Two weeks later" screen and the game continued. I think that it may be time based but I'm not certain.
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metallicaman990 answered:

Try just waiting till the credits finish on there own
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HellULookinat answered:

Broken steel loads on its own as you play. what you want to do is occupy yourself for a couple of minutes in game without going to finish the last mission. you will get a message onscreen that it has loaded. after it loads you can finish the last mission and continue.
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