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Asked: 5 years ago

Would I get to see Sarah Lyon again in Broken Steel?

I wonder if she's going to be interactable in Broken Steel. I have both save file, and letting her killed got me a rank in the brotherhood. I don't know which way I should go with.

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She comes back

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Yes, you both live.

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All of the options get you a rank in TBoS, but its good karma if you go in and she lives idk if she lives if she goes in

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I went in and turned on the purifier and she lived and at the end of Broken Steel she comes back and you can talk to her. If you make her go in she dies and then you can't talk to her ever again .

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If you turned on the purifier she lives and comes back near the end of Broken Steel, if she turns it on she dies. Also if you have Fawkes you can tell him to turn it on and the game will not pronouce you or Sarah a hero but Fawkes instead.

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