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Asked: 5 years ago

Operation anchorage and karma?

I just got done playing thru O:A and ive noticed my karma when from last best hope of humanity to scourge of humanity . . . . what the hell happened?? i did'nt play evil in the sim so i dont really know what happened.

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No i did not kill the scribe or the other guy just the ones that were attacking me. and i was looking back thru my saves and about half-way thru the sim i was neutral. . . am i the only one having this problem?

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when u exited the sim did u initiate the attack on the BHOSO soldiers or if not did y kill anyone that was left ex the scribe or the guy u talked 2 b4 u talked to the scribe and enered the sim? this happened to me too and i realized u can not shoot or attack the scribe or the guy that sent u to talk to the scribe, they are not enemies just the soldiers that attack u, the scribe, and the leader of the outcasts in this area.

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I dunno then did the scribe and/or the other guy get killed. the only other theory i have is that to keep neutral or get good karma you have to protect them and make sure they survive.

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