Question from Dcaptain23

What are the best statistics to raise first?

I just started playing, but I want to know which stats are best. What stats should I raise when I level up? And what about the perks and the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points?


ThaAwesomenessn answered:

Ok if you have no expansion packs, do 8 str, 5 perception (do the quest "those" before lvl 12 and pick ant sight) 7 end 7 agl, 1 chr ( the bonuses for charisma are not worth it in the end). and 6 or 7 luck i'm not sure. however many poiints you have left. now do not pick any perks that are "stat" perks or help u get exp they are a waste
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henry-12345 answered:

I would recommend you put a lot of emphasis on your science skill so you can defuse the bomb in Megaton as soon as possible in the game. Defusing this bomb give you a house in Megaton. Once you have a house you can sleep, regain health, remove radiation, and have a place to store extra weapons, clothing etc. Your Megaton house also has its own repair bench where you can make more weapons. I really wish I had defused the bomb and got the house much earlier in the game.
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sgttaters answered:

Skills- Emphasis on Lockpick, Small Guns, Speech, Science, Repair, and Medicine
Special- Add 1 Point each to strength , perception, and charisma, 2 points intelligence
Perks- Commando, Sniper, Gunslinger, Animal Friend (level 2), Bloody mess, Grim reaper Sprint, Comprehension, and aything else you think sounds cool
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Evisus answered:

When making a character it's really based on what you find important. But, in the interest of min/maxing and power gaming, these would be my suggestions. 1 Luck, low CHA. This gives you plenty of points to spend for everything else. I say low luck because an additional 1% to critical for each point isn't as useful as all the other SPECIAL stats. Besides, if you are sneaking you will always get a crit the first shot. Put INT at 9 (no stat should go above 9 since you can max it with a bobble head) so you can start off right away with the near max skill points per level every level you gain. You'll boost your stats quicker right off the bat. Everything else is up to you, depending on where you plan to go in the beginning. Small arms is highly suggested as well as Science.
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Deathray036 answered:

Stats:Lockpick and Science
S.P.E.C.I.A.L:Intellegence, Perception, and or Strength
Thats my opinion.
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s1r_1c3_b3rg answered:

Trust me you want to raise intelligence. intelligence is what helps with you r exp.
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Soyawannabeamas answered:

It's completely up to you. Completely. I can give you some pointers, though.

If you're going for a tough, getter-done sort of guy, I suggest having low charisma and high strength, endurance, and luck, possibly high agility, too, you never know when you need to get away from something. Like a Deathclaw? Don't ask. Just, don't ask.

If you're going for a guy who sort of gets people to spill the beans and inform you on everything, which is what a majority of the game is, you probably want a higher charisma, luck, and some intelligence.

Er, you know what? You just inspired me to make a little explanation video. I'll make sure I get to that some time.
Hope this helps, and best regards to beating the game!
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