Question from kroyal121

Charon or Paladin??

Which follower do you guys prefer??? I have Charon but i am debating on getting paladin to be my follower... I'm not sure whether one is better than the other or if it just depends


twoscrews answered:

It depends on your Karma, Star Paladin Cross will only follow you if your Karma is "GOOD" where as charon will do what you tell him once you buy the contract, IMO I would take Charron OR wait it out with GOOD Karma and get Fawkes
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gearsofwar78 answered:

I prefer Charon because his shotgun is very accurate and you don't need any specific karma to get him.
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gaintman13 answered:

Charon has like the best shotgun in tghe game due to the fact that it has no spread were as paladin star cross has a really crappy laser pistol but star cross has like 205 more points of health so it depends on what you prefere because you can always give her another gun.
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Shadow122333 answered:

Out of the few times I used Charon he seemed better than star paladin cross in battle, but if you want a character who can take out a super mutant behemoth on his own then get good karma and recruit Fawkes.
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MoonPhoenix answered:

dont get me as a bigot.. but I'd prefer Cross.... Dnno.. Dont just like the ghoul voice..
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trixrascal answered:

I would get Charon because he is harder to kill.
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bigglescat answered:

It depends cross is better for a low level because at low lvls charon kills enemies quickley and you wont get much xp but charon is stronger and you karma doesn't matter.
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Jolly_Green answered:

bigglescat: You must be ripping through the main quest if you reach the citadel at a low level.
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Crae_z answered:

I think it best to get charon in honor of the late michael jackson. because charon is also rotting
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