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Can you duplicate?

Like oblivion can you duplicate in this game?

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Unknown322313 answered:

I know what you saying and I only think that you can duplicate in oblivion.Trust me I have tried everything to see if you can.
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ja70key answered:

By duplicate do u mean... reproduce?
cos in FO3 u cant and i have all the achievments and played the game through 3 times
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Hunsweasel answered:

Not in the console versions, as far as I've ever seen. If you're playing on the PC, there are various codes you can enter by pressing ~ to enter console mode and then using player.additem. You can find lists of item codes very easily through google.
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BRANTLY_75 answered:

yes there is a way to dupe explosives here's the perfect guide checkout his profile/Chanel too
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papapung4898 answered:

There is no way to duplicate yourself, trust me I have played throught the entire game with all of the dlc downloaded like 10 times and I have not seen anyway of duplicating yourself.
please close the question now that you have your answer
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rego1100 answered:

Yes, you can, sort of...

If you so the glich that buy the lowest condition one and then it will be perfect condion, sometimes it will make onother of that item,but mostly it just gliches when it does that.
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BRANTLY_75 answered:

just check out the youtube vid don't hate the site cuz it has answers that this one doesn't its a perfect giude for duplicating explosives i.e. grenades and mines
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gwande answered:

You can't duplicate items like you can in Oblivion. You can dupe explosives like they say but duplicating a multitude of different items, like Oblivion, is not possible.
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FourthLuckyADAM answered:

No, you can't.
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AxierLionheart answered:

You can multiply any mine or grenade. Use up a missile launcher until it breaks (Im sure you can find a near broken one.) After it breaks, equip a mine of any type (preferably plasma, bottlecap or cryo [MZ], as these are the rarest.) and place it on the ground. You will notice that you are holding nothing, but it appears as if you still have a mine equipped. You can continue to place them, and make a giant pile that you can diffuse and pick up. For grenades, you can only have an infinite number while you have one equipped. After you unequip either a mine or grenade, or switch weapons, the bug is over and you have to start over.

You can also "dupe" weapons and ammunition from Operation Anchorage (Add-on). You drop the ammo from your inventory and activate an ammo dispenser and get more. You can also continue to get the requisition weapons by switching load-outs after dropping the previous one, but you only really need one of each, because they are invincible anyway, and never break. Why do this? Because there is also a glitch to get these items out of the Operation Anchorage simulation. Place the Gary 23 in the pod with out and look at it while the sim is loading. After the sim you hit (A) or {X} during the moment your screen is black, just after the loading symbol is gone, and you activate Gary 23's inventory while you still have your sim items. Just dump them on him and you have all of that duped ammo and weapons.
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