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Asked: 5 years ago

Dogmeat MIA?

Ok, so i took Dogmeat out on a mission and he almost died running off after enemies. i stimpacked him back to full health and sent him to Vault 101. I finished the area i was in and warped to Vault 101. He wasn't there. I've heard that he runs off from time to time but I thought that if u sent him to the Vault he'd head right there...

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Wait a few in game days/weeks and if he doesn't come back, forget him and play as normal.

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Kill the robot in your house. that always works.

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That happened to me once i was at old olney and tolid him to go to vault 101 and he wasnt there so i had to walk all the way back to old olney it turns out he got stuck on a rock

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Just goto megaton hes KIA if hes not there ur not aloud in vault 101 for awile

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