Question from appl35auce

Asked: 5 years ago

Need help with action boy perk?

Is action boy supposed to let you shoot more people in V.A.T.S? If so, how is it activated? how do you increase your AP (action points) bar?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Just so im clear, about how many shots would you be able to take after the boost?

Accepted Answer

From: Hunsweasel 5 years ago

Number of shots depends on the weapon. With Action Boy and Ledoux's Goalie mask I can get off about 8 shots with a Silenced 10mm but only 3 with a Gauss rifle (IIRC), for example.

Keep in mind your AP is also affected by your Agility score: 2 AP per point of Agility.

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when you get the perk ur AP gets boosted automatically

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