Question from UNCfanatic50

Where is Charon after he returns to the Museum of History?

i made charon my follower and he died and when fawkes became my follower it said that charon returned to the the Museum of History and when i went back to find he wasnt there.plz tell where i can find him again?

UNCfanatic50 provided additional details:

When i went into the 9th circle he wasnt there


D_A_R_KPaladin answered:

He is located in the 9th Circle a.k.a. the bar you bought him from.
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OrokenDuMonger answered:

Three things may have happened
A.You will have to go outside the Museum and wait two weeks, then return.
B.Because he is wandering alone he died somewhere in the Wasteland
C. Your game glitched and you'll have to reload a save.
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chrisyg103 answered:

Well, you said Charon died ( I don't know if you can get followers back after they die), so the message you got saying he returned to the Museum is probably a glitched message, So the games just fudgin' with you, he's actually DEAD!
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bigglescat answered:

You have a glitch if he died he died even if you got the messageafter he died it was just a glitch so he is gone and you cant get him again.
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pipguy answered:

The same thing happened to me with Jericho and Charon when they died like a half a year later it gave me a message that said Jericho and Charon came back to life so i went to megaton and the 9th circle and they weren' t there so i don't think they every come back.
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Jolly_Green answered:

Dead is dead (unless you load a previous save) the message was a glitch.
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JeffKuma answered:

I guess I experienced the same glitch, but slightly different. I returned to vault 101 to get another one of Dogmeat's puppies and all at once I was told that Charon, Fawkes (who was in fact already living in the museum and troubled my bad karma), and Clover had all returned to their respective "homes." My Charon definitely died about 70 hours ago so I had already written him off, so to be told he was alive and well warmed my heart. He was my dude for sure. And he is nowhere to be found. Damn you Bethesda.
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Dukeboy5 answered:

Yea.......he's dead
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whitesox478 answered:

Actually, Charon does come back to life eventually. It might just be in the GOTY edition.
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captinkickass answered:

He is at the first place you found the poor goul
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captinkickass answered:

He is say it with me DEAD when it says that he is on the floor/water/goo pile/ash pile....... you could relod a save
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