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Rotunda Door?

During the Waters of Life quest I went back to the rotunda to get fuses from the dad however the door is locked and i can't get in, how can I open the door?

kanecub9 provided additional details:

I mean in the rotunda, you know where the statue of Jefferson is, then you walk up the stairs, for some strange reason the emergency bulk door came down. Now I know that shouldn't come down later on in the quest(spoiler) so how can I get in to get the fuses?


darkrundus answered:

Wait and the passage to the outside will open.
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Grandstream answered:

Which door are you talking about? Because if you're just about to get the fuses, you should be able to get in just fine. Nothing locks up on you in the Rotunda.
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hoffamania3000 answered:

I would suggest just going down to where you need to put the fuses into the box to get the power running again. I'm pretty sure you either already have them (not necessarily in the inventory but "magically" from the game) or they are already in place in the fuse box and you just have to flip the switch. Try running around in the basement area and finding the fuse box.... if it doesn't work then worry about more complicated things like glitches.
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PiersArkan answered:

You may just have to press the power switch that turns on the bulkhead door...maybe....if not, then you could leave, go on the intercom and try to talk to him and see if that works, or you can load your latest save before that, if that does not work you may have to try glitching through the wall.
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