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Broken Steel Perk help. jericho is dead but he's not?

I need help solving this puzzle In broken steel there is a perk called puppies with this perk when dogmeat dies you get a new puppie but this perk also revied jericho who was my past follower but died it said that jericho has returned to megaton but i blew up megaton early in the game (jericho was my follower when i blew up megaton) and when i go there i cant find jericho but the worst part is when i go to get another follower it says that jericho is still my partner can someone help me

t54321 provided additional details:

Well i would go back and not blow up megaton, but i did it so early in the game and i am lvl 30 now. its just like wtf!!!!! how did the makers of fallout 3 miss that.


Trenton357 answered:

I've had similar trouble, I haven't found any solution except to not blow up megaton. It's pretty useful since that perk will revive your past partners (Only the last one to have died+Dogmeat, not all of them. And if dogmeat was the last one to die, then only Dogmeat comes back), excluding Fawkes. (It might, but I've never had it happen), but if the area they were recruited in is destroyed or otherwise inaccessable. You're pretty much screwed. Sorry man, I got nothing...
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AJ_leveler answered:

Try underworld, for some reason i found both jericho and moira in underworld after blowing up megaton, i was doing the wasteland survival guide quest.
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