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Where are Fawlkes & Dogmeat after "Take It Back?"

At the end of "Take It Back," I sent in Fawlkes(After getting Broken Steel). I wake up in the Citadel infirmary and get my mission, but couldn't find either character there afterwards. I have also looked at Vault 101, Museum of Natural History, Megaton and inside/outside of the Jefferson Memorial. As I was "out for two weeks" per Elder Lyons, it shouldn't be a matter of waiting for them to get back. Help please. I


Smallells answered:

Its a glitch! It's interely possible that you'll never find them :( bad luck! Just play the game sometimes they return after a stupidely long period, such as two weeks of you ACTUALLY playing it.
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richard963 answered:

If you get the perk called "puppies" you can get a dog called dog meats puppy
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