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Is the alien crash site with the alien blaster always there, or is it a random encounter?

...Because i know the firelance event is a random encounter, but i was wondering if the alien crash site where you find the alien blaster is always there, or a random encounter like the firelance.

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xCaPtIaNx1sano answered:

The alien crash site is always there with the ammo right next to it. The only thing that comes by random encounter is the ammo for it so be sure to only use it when you need it.
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gotheart answered:

Yes, its always there. After finding it, near Fort Banister I found a good amount of ammo next to the truck in the big bombed crater, highly radioactive, bring a suit. But also found another Alien Blaster and more ammo with the DLC in Broken Steel at the Armory just below the main enterance of the Launch Pad inside the mobil base, of course its locked in a ammo box; but a nice find!! Also you may find more ammo inside and outside of Temple of the Union; near the southeast outside corner. It also helps to look for the Alien Power Cells at night, they are the only ammo that glows so its easy to spot!! As for ammo count now at 416.
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Dwovar answered:

The alien crash site with the regular alien blaster is always at the same place. You'll know you're close by the radiation, and Recon Craft Theta Distress Signal.

The other (random) alien encounter is the random Firelance encounter. You'll know that's happened when a great green explosion goes off in the sky. Alien Power Cells (24) will be scattered about the area and the Firelance unique alien blaster will be somewhere amongst them. With this encounter, make sure you bring dogmeat, as the cells are both hard to find and have the capacity to fall 'through' or wind up 'inside' objects like rocks or the Super Duper Mart. If this happens to you (as it did to me) you can tell Dogmeat to 'Go find something for me' and either 'Get Ammo' or 'Get Weapons'.
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ballsofsteel696 answered:

Its always there. Fort bannister has a secondary one with ammo theres a mini encounter that gives u the fire lance and theres ammo in the outcast stronghold fort independance in the weapons storage area with a miss launcher and a perfect minigun
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jackwinz1 answered:

No the Alien Chrash Site is always the same.
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