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How do I get into raven rock?

I cant figure out hoe to get inside.

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Cheesemonster answered:

You can't get in on your own, it's part of the main storyline and you'll end up there as you progress through the story.
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The_Seven answered:

Cheesemonster is correct, this a part of the main storyline, just be patient and you'll get there.
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MaqAtaq answered:


to get into Raven Rock you must get the GECK in Vault 87. On your way out the Enclave will jump you an you'll come to while being interrogated by Col Autumn in one of the cells iside Raven Rock
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BagelsAreTasty answered:

It's physically impossible for you to get into Raven Rock without going through the main questline. I've even tried carefully holding items with me to be able to jump on to get up there, but you can't. The game has invisible barriers that prevent you from getting there.
Trust me. I tried for nearly an hour all over the edges of the cliff.
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logofmeat answered:

Ive gotten up there to the door, but it says "this door is opened elsewhere"
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AoshichanX answered:

After your complete the main quest you cannot go back into Raven Rock, so make sure you get that bobblehead while you are in there during the main quest. Also, you can fast travel back to Raven Rock every 3 days or so and kill 3 or so Enclave soldiers equipped with various armor and weapons depending on your level and game difficulty.
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