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Where can I find Dogmeat on the map?

where is the specific location of dogmeat like how far off the river how far north of megaton what junkyard and if you decided to blow up Megaton would dogmeat be unable to obtain?

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Fear_Raider answered:

Dogmeat is in the Scrapyard south of the minefield, east of Agathas house, and west of the regulator HQ. upper right side of map, just go in there and get him, doesnt matter what you have done in game he will be there.
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eiroku24 answered:

Dogs show up all over the game all the time. Raiders have dogs as guards, the Talon Mercs have them, and you'll find them out exploring the wasteland. There is no specific location to find them.
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AoshichanX answered:

Just to add to the answer above, Scrapyard is big, so once you are in there, head northeast. If you have experienced the mini encounter with the dead Wastelander, you can find his treasure here as well.
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