Question from LtCol1705

Follower Equipment after Vault 87?

Currently, I have Cross as a follower. I have read that after Vault 87, all my followers leave. What happens to the equipment that I put into her inventory?

Also, is it possible to have both Cross and Fawkes as party members without killing Dogmeat? I read about that somewhere, but I can't seem to find it again.

LtCol1705 provided additional details:

Ok, so, I know that I can get Fawkes and Cross and party members if I do the Charon glitch, but how can I get all three of them.

Or, alternatively, should I switch out one or more of them for one of the other followers I can get? What are the pros/cons of each?


Nomanisat answered:

Fawkes is the best follower you can have, he can take a massive amount of punishment, and can carry a load of stuff. Any items you give to a follower will still be there after Vault 87
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